About Us?

We are a company that focuses on aeronautic training. Located at the Tobias Bolaños International Airport in Pavas.

What can I study in this institution?

We are fully certified to provide theoretical and practical courses for: private pilot, commercial pilot, multi-engine rating and IFR rating.

What telephone number can I get in touch with?

You can contact the number (506) 2231-10-25.

How many aircraft do you have for instruction?

At this moment we have available to students 7 aircraft duly certified by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation of Costa Rica.

I got my secondary studies abroad. Do I have to submit a special requirement?

Do not.

I am 18 years old. Can I start flying?

Yes. The procedure to follow is to make a letter with a lawyer alleging full responsibility on the part of the parents, this letter must be signed by ECDEA as well as the personnel of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation.

I do not have a bachelor's degree. Can I enter the theoretical course?

Yes. Only the baccalaureate degree is not compulsory for the theoretical course. To begin the practical stage is an indispensable requirement.